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Explore QuABaseBD Database Technologies and Features

QuABaseBD contains detailed feature assessments for the databases that are listed below.

Select any of the database below to get information on their features and the tactics they support
Database Data Model
Cassandra Column
HBase Column
Accumulo Column
CouchDB Document
Couchbase Document
MongoDB Document
Neo4j Graph
OrientDB Graph
Amazon DynamoDB Key-Value
Oracle NoSQL Key-Value
FoundationDB Key-Value
Redis Key-Value
Riak Key-Value

Database Features Query Page

QuABase describes each database based on a number of categories, each which contains a detailed set of features that can be used to compare the different approaches.

Use the links below to compare the databases in QuABase according to their various features.

Query Databases by Category
Query Scalability Features
Query Consistency Features
Query Language Features
Query Data Model Features
Query by Replication Features
Query Data Distribution Features
Query Security Features