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Welcome to QuABaseBD - a Knowledge Base for Big Data Architectures and Technologies

QuABaseBD (pronounced 'kbase-BeeDee') is a linked collection of computer science and software engineering knowledge specifically for designing big data systems with NoSQL databases.

You can explore and query the QuABaseBD in a various ways. Here's some starting points:

QuABaseBD is an inevitably evolving collection of knowledge, and we'll be working to refine and enhance the content as we obtain feedback. We're keen to ensure QuABaseBD is a highly reliable source of software architecture knowledge for big data systems. We'd love to get comments and feedback. You can send us a message using the link in the sidebar.

About QuABaseBD

You can read all about the aims and uses of QuABaseBD here.

QuABaseBD is the initial release from the QuABase research project, in which we are investigating how to build technical knowledge bases that can supply current, curated technical knowledge to software engineers. Please be aware of the disclaimers associated with the information provided by QuABaseBD.